Should you only put your trust in keyword research volume for search traffic?

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Should you only put your trust in keyword research volume for search traffic?

Practically, if we talk about the keyword search volume metric then we know what it is about. Understanding the organic search traffic on the page will help to get it the best ranking on the top of search engines for that specific keyword. It might sound confusing but for that straightforward approach, you need to hire professionals from the best Digital Marketing Company like Flymedia. The team of digital marketers has endless countless projects in the past so many years. So, if you are facing a problem with not getting enough searches on your page or website then our professionals can give you the best social media marketing strategy. For all those who are new to keyword research here’s what you need to do.

  • Keyword search volume is not the accurate metric you think

Thinking of accurate search volume or looking for a tool for the most accurate search volume then it does not exist. In terms of Google, search volume is referred to as rounded annual average which is not accurate. Like if you look for the Christmas word search volume in July then it will be less as compared to December. It is important to understand that search queries are different and if you look at the specific tool then the search volume data will be different. Predicting the traffic only based on search volume will not give you accurate results.

  • Google take clicks from the website owners

Earlier it took around ten blue links to click but even then what we were looking for was not able to come across. However, now this has changed a lot. This is possible because of the SERP features which help to display the exact search results.

In the case of Google AdWords, this is not shown and only the raw search volume for that specific keyword comes across. The search results you will get will be simply an instant answer to the search query. However, not all searches can be answered in such a brief manner.

  • Advertisers are stealing clicks from the search engine optimization

Google is not the one stealing clicks. It is simply made so that people do not click anything because they will get the answer to the query right away. The clicks are stolen by the advertisers. Now, Google is helping them.

Earlier, above the organic search results, there were 3 ads and now it is 4. This is done so that the searchers can make the right decision on what they have to choose. Through the ads, you are seeing the things which are in close relation with the related searches.

  • Page won’t get the ranking for the single keyword

People need to understand that there are different searches for specific keywords. Now, Google is smart enough to understand what the search query is all about. This is the reason when you search for something you will get different results for the same.

No doubt, the searches you will get will vary a lot in results as some of them are short in information and some of them are explained in detail.

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What are the top ways to get backlinks for a new website with no investment?

Backlinks are one of the best ways to make your brand stand out and that too without spending any money. In some cases, people do not give as much attention which should be & the best ones are lost in emails. If a person ignores the mail the first time then it means it won’t get attention even in the future. Are you thinking, why these are so important? For social media marketing, it is one of the important components. Having enough backlinks will help your website to get the top ranking or at least come in the top searches of Google results. This is where the role of a Digital Marketing Company like Flymedia Technology comes into play. The experts will suggest to you the right ways and how you can make difference in your online presence.

Do you know?

The websites with 9th and 10th positions have a minimum of 30,000 backlinks.

Top ways to get the backlinks Without investing money

Tip 1: Understand what site owners want

Do you know what makes the difference right away? Well! They pitch precisely and stick to the point. On the other hand, some sites have the best content but they are unable to get the backlinks. So, you need to be very careful about the request part and give utmost attention to the same.

To do the marketing correctly you need to know what your audience wants. This way you won’t miss the key points and nothing will be overlooked.

Tip 2: Check what will advantage the website

A blog will accept the backlinks when it benefits them so you need to tell the site owner about the same. Here are some of the benefits which the site is looking for:

  • Well-written content

  • Precise information

  • Relevant content for the website

  • Authentic site

Tip 3: Focus on content and make it right

If the content is not worth linking to then you won’t get any backlinks. You need to have great content and it should be better than other’s which are already present on the internet. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep your title attractive & worth clickable

  • Include interesting feature image

  • Includes graphic of HD quality or better as compared to the competitors

  • Include meta description and title tag

Tip 4: Comprehensive content

All over the net, you will see people talking about the long-form content but what do you need to do for that. Well! It is not about the word count but the information you mention in the same should be right. Sometimes, a topic 4000 Wc is not able to give the necessary information, on the other hand, a topic of 1000 wc can hit the right spot. So, make sure that whatever and how much you mention in the content is in detail.

Tip 5: Prove your authenticity

We are not saying that you need to have a custom design but make sure that the sites you are pitching are real. For that, you can link to the social profile & it will make a lot of difference. No doubt, you need to work hard to create top-tier content & this way it will be rewarded.

Tip 6: Sell what you are good at

It might be simple but mostly it is not given as much attention it deserves. Every benefit should be mentioned in a precise manner. Make sure the content you add is right and it should be useful to use. It will be even better when you have an established audience and this is what every website wants.

Tip 7: Keep short & simple pitches

The pitch you give should be short and to the point. This is what makes it easier to click on the link and no one will question about the same.

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