What are the basics of SEO? How does an effective optimization strategy help?

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What are the basics of SEO? How does an effective optimization strategy help?

There are many strategies and plans that are available on the Search engines for the best optimization of Search Engines. But being an SEO Agency in Sydney, we are going to catch your interest in the best SEO strategy that we have used to date. Before carrying out the process of optimization of search engines, website designing 

  • Have you prepared a list of keywords?

Before anything else, the predominant factor of effective search engine optimization is having all set with the keywords. First and foremost, you should prepare a thorough list of keywords. It is often suggested to focus on short-tail terms rather than long-tail terms. Short tail terms are most customary to experience the search results. If you want to take into account the search volume of the related keywords, then you are devised to use related tools.

  • Examine the search results on the first page

You should take into account what is appearing on the first page of the related search results. Bring it to your notice what is the main difference between your page and their pages. For that, you can use a variety of tools.

  • Is your creation better and different

You should create content that is either different or better. The audience is looking for something that they do not know and if they know, they want to see how it can be seen from a completely different perspective.

  • Are you focusing on backlinks?

It is quintessential to incorporate backlinks and internal links. Make sure if you are incorporating the backlinks and internal links, there should be an apprehensive factor of relevance.

  • Featured Snippets

You should create your web and article post which is satisfying the search intent of the users. Featured snippets which are introduced by google are playing a beneficial role for the users, who want to get information about a particular thing in just a click.

  • Is your content catching the eye of the users?

First and foremost, you should focus on the presentation of the content. No matter how valuable and unique your content is, if it is not presented in the way which is attracting the users to read somehow, then there is no use of that valuable chunk of information.

  • Visuals

Users nowadays find that fragmented information useful which has incorporated various graphics and video content. It is because it helps them to understand the content more easily.


What are the updated SEO techniques and tactics to rank high on Google?

SEO Company Sydney has listed out ensuing updated SEO techniques to achieve good ranking:

  • Favicon optimization 

Favicon optimization is not known to everyone. Even some people will be getting to know this term by reading this article. It can be defined as the one which dominates your clock through search.

From where Google gets breadcrumbs?

Google gets its breadcrumbs from the following:

  • URL
  • Schema Markup


  • Meta Description

The meta description is the one thing, by which the user takes into account whether this link is valuable and useful for him. So meta description optimization plays a quintessential role in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Number in titles

 It really dominates the user by making the user believe if so many people have clicked on the link there must be some valuable piece of information in it.

  • <Title> boilerplate

 Boilerplates can be defined as those elements of your title tag which are prone to be repeated every single time. One should keep experimenting with whether adding or removing some portion from the title is leading you towards a higher ranking or not.

  • FAQ schema

FAQ Schema is of the utmost importance when it comes to giving to the point results to the users. It takes place that the user searching for a particular keyword is in a hurry. He does not have the time to check all the articles and find out the relevant ones. Having a glance at the various FAQs will help him out. So it is very important to keep the FAQ schema updated.

  • Relaunch top content

 Relaunching the content can give satisfying results. One might be wondering,” How to do it?” Then it is very simple. What you have to do it, go 2 to 3 years back or it is your choice how far you want to go. Then pick out the top content of that time. Just post it either on social media or in your blog post. You will get to see some gains of course.

  • Increase internal linking

 Internal linking facilitates the user to get all the pieces of information in one click. Let me tell you its advantage using a simple example.

For instance: You have been looking for a great article on C programming. You might get the one. But while reading that you come to know the uses of if statements. But it has not given the information about what if statements actually are. Nevertheless, there is internal linking that leads you straight to the page which has explained the if statements from beginning to end. So internal linking should be relevant according to the presented contempt.

  • Include new links and terminate unnecessary links

It is suggested that whenever you are updating your old content, make sure you are updating it with new links each time. On the other hand, it is also advisable to eliminate links that are not relevant to the content and which may irritate the user.